Picture in your mind, that it's a month from today and you are offered what appears to be
an extremely rare Matchbox Toy
for a fraction of it's value.

Now, think how awesome it would be
if you could instantly look at that Matchbox Toy
and know it was genuine!

Imagine the incredible feeling
knowing you have purchased that toy worth hundreds
or possibly thousands of dollars
for just a fraction of it's price!

By using the information in this guide,
that incredible feeling can be a reality!

Dear Fellow Matchbox Toy Collector,

I am very proud to offer you this amazing book that is a result of over 40 years of collecting and researching Matchbox Toys.

These fascinating toys have been enjoyed worldwide by millions of children and adults for over 50 years.

This book covers the first and perhaps most important 16 years of production.

It is an exhaustive identification guide depicting extensive details and variations of every model produced in the “Regular Wheels” series, from the start in 1953 until superseded by ‘Superfast” models in 1970.


The Definitive Guide
to Matchbox Toys
1-75 Series 1953 - 1969

The Definitive Guide To Matchbox Toys consists of over 190 pages jammed pack full of information and colour photographs.

There are colour photographs of all of the 235 models manufactured from 1953 to 1969 along with detailed descriptions and photos of all the known variations.

If you're a beginner, just starting out collecting these incredible little Matchbox Toys, this guide will be of tremendous help, showing you all the different Matchbox Toys to look out for.

If you are a more advanced collector, The Definitive Guide to Matchbox Toys shows over 2300 variations (over 400 variations more than ever published before!), including castings, wheels, axles, decals and colours.

It even shows all the different box styles made for each model along with a photograph of each box.

"The Definitive Guide to Matchbox Toys 1-75 series 1953 – 1969" is the most comprehensive identification guide ever produced.

What's in "The Definitive Guide to Matchbox Toys 1-75 Series 1953 – 1969"?

  • A staggering number of variations of the 235 models listed
  • 1235 colour photographs of model and variations
  • Detailed information as to when each model was manufactured
  • Details of all casting variations and their sizes
  • Paint and colour variations for bodies, accessories and bases
  • Wheel styles, colours and axle variations
  • Decal and advertising variations
  • Details of boxes and other packaging with information as to when the different packaging was used
  • Over 190 information-packed pages
  • Fully bookmarked pdf format so you can find your way around easily

Here is a sample page taken from the Definitive Guide to Matchbox Toys

(this has been reduced in size to fit on this page)


Example of a page fromThe Definitive Guide to Matchbox Toys 1-75 Series

The truth of the matter is, every Matchbox Toy collector should own this detailed and informative guide whether you are a beginner or an experienced collector.

Don't be the victim of Con Artists selling RARE Matchbox Toys. Know exactly what little details to look for!

Today, many of these Matchbox Toys are worth Thousands of dollars.

There are many con artists out there wanting to rip you off by selling fake Matchbox Toys.

As a collector it is your right to know exactly what details to look for so you can instantly tell if the toys are genuine or fake. If you are like me, you work hard for your money and hate being ripped off!

Once you own and study the information inside this book, you can easily become an expert on Matchbox Toys.

So, the next time you get offered a rare and unusual Matchbox Toy, you can have the knowledge to tell instantly if it is genuine or fake.

This is the ultimate book for
Matchbox Toys made from
1953 -1970!

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